Yoga teaches many things. Not everyone needs to sit on twine or relax in shavasana, but being able to resist manipulation is a very useful skill. There are 12 natural laws that are simply created to protect against manipulators in yoga.

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Do you know how yoga classes differ from Pilates? If to be very simplistic, it is only face expressions. Asanas from yoga and static exercises from Pilates are not much different from each other. Significant differences in the state of consciousness. In yoga, any pose should be performed with a peaceful curiosity, with pleasure, but not with effort. Perhaps, therefore, many adherents of this teaching have such a simple view of life. People doing yoga are difficult to manipulate. Their body and mind are harmonious.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Not everyone has time and desire to drive themselves into the framework of teaching or religion called yoga. However, everyone should change their life views. They are simple and articulated by the guru of yoga in the form of 12 natural laws. They can be perfectly used in the fight against most manipulations.

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#1. You need - you do. Every time when the word "must" sounds in the conversation, when it comes to duty or obligations, it is worth asking the question "Who needs it?". Manipulators like to keep silent about what they want, first of all, for them. For example, the parent’s phrase "You need to find a job", cleared of manipulation, will sound like this: "I need you to stop sitting around my neck and go to work."

#2. Do not promise. If you promised, you will do it. Remember how often under pressure from other people you gave rash promises. The manipulator will specifically encourage you to give rash promises, and then exploit your sense of guilt. Just do not promise, but if you promised, then do it. Then the next time you think twice before taking on extra obligations.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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#3. Do not help if you are not asked about it. It often happens that we, guided by good intentions, do only worse. We simply were not asked for help. Then our efforts are taken for granted. Even worse, when one person asks for another. Helping in this situation, we also violate the law "You need - you do." If it seems obvious to you that a person needs help, take the opportunity to find out if he is ready to accept it from you.

#4. Do not refuse the request. Any request involves gratitude. Manipulators tend to give empty promises or forget about services. Follow the request, but do not hesitate to ask for a return service. Maybe even in advance.

#5. Live the present (and not the past and not the future). This is one of the most important laws. It helps to easily destroy the manipulation of comparison with you in the past. We never want to be worse than ourselves, this is often used by other people.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#6. Do not get addicted. How often do we attach ourselves to a person, thing or occupation? How much this attachment can be strong without putting our mental equilibrium in jeopardy? For everyone, there is his own answer to this question. Just remember: with the help of these emotional connections you are easy to blackmail. Do not let your close people become domestic terrorists, do not fall for it.

#7. Do not set a goal (the goal should be a beacon). This is the strangest law. It is important to be single-minded. It can take time to realize the wisdom of this law. That's why I prefer its wording with the addition of a beacon. If the goal is set incorrectly, then after its achievement, there is devastation. Most likely, this goal is imposed on you from the outside.

#8. Do not bother. The most ingenious of all laws. It can and should be used both for oneself and for other people. The phrase "Do not bother, please" is able to create real miracles. The main thing is to say it before you start to feel irritated.

#9. There is no bad weather. The law with the greatest philosophical potential. It teaches us to use every opportunity, including our mistakes.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#10. Do not judge, do not criticize. Sometimes it is very hard to restrain yourself and not criticize other people. Only criticism is not needed by anyone - neither by you, nor by others. Remember this. When you are judged once again, listen, but do not criticize in return.

#11. Do not transfer information without making it your experience, skill, knowledge. This law is the most important. If you do not check the information that you distribute, then you become a gossip. People stop believing your words.

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#12. Ask permission everywhere and always. A law from the field of etiquette. Its use not only insures you from unnecessary efforts, but also creates you an image of a polite person. Just ask with inner certainty, otherwise you will look like an eternally doubting eccentric.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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