We become what we most often think about. The possibilities of the human brain are truly limitless. Until now, no one knows exactly how the human psyche works, what is hidden in the depths of the unconscious and how to manage it.

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Nevertheless, scientists and researchers have developed ways to influence the subconscious mind in order to change attitudes, psychological mood and psychophysical state of a person.

One of the most effective ways that have a great impact on the human mind are affirmations. You can use affirmations for the various problems you face with. For example, affirmations for your personal growth will help adjust your mind to the desired changes. Do you want to try this method? If so, scroll down, because we have prepared a list of 31 useful affirmations for personal growth!

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1. I feel progress in any work on myself.

#2. My way forward is supported by the power of an open heart and the power of an open soul.

#3. I'm open to the best.

#4. I am perfectly understand what is best for me!

#5. Today I live for a purpose, and my goal illuminates my path!

#6. Today I enjoy my positive transformation.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#7. Today I enter a new and exciting way in my life!

#8. I use every opportunity to become better than I was before!

#9. Today I let go of old habits and create new ones!

#10. I create my ideal life!

#11. My yesterday's limits are the starting point of today!

#12. I'm struggling, but I'm growing up. I'm falling, but I'm climbing. Even against the background of adversity, I manage to flourish.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#13. Today I free myself from the shadow of the past. A bright new life is open to me!

#14. Every day I reach a deeper level of self-realization.

#15. Having released what I have, I open the door for something better!

#16. Today I attract people who are perfect for my growth!

#17. Today I accept myself and what I can become!

#18. Obstacles on my path exist to increase my strength and understanding. Today I am strong and wise!

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Credit: Freepik

#19. Today I'm one step forward in my personal growth!

#20. This week I leave the comfort zone, and I feel fine!

#21. My mind is constantly expanding to successfully use the opportunities in my life.

#22. I'm living one positive experience after another. I use every experience in my personal growth.

#23. Every day I go through new lessons, expand my consciousness, and develop my abilities.

#24. I create my life every day, and I work on creating a life full of happiness and joy.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#25. There is a life that I live now, and the life I want. Today I take measures to bring them in line!

#26. Even when I strive for the best, I am happy with who I am now!

#27. Every challenge encourages me to become better, stronger than today!

#28. Today I am consciously working to increase the openness of my heart and mind.

#29. I use every opportunity to become better than I've ever been before!

#30. The past is a blessing, because it is my teacher. The future is a blessing, because it is my chance.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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#31. Everything that happens in my life, perfectly prepares me to fulfill my destiny!

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The BetterMe Team is sending smiles, good karma and positive energy your way! Reach out and seize every opportunity today! We wish you a day that is sunny, lucky and fulfilling in every way.

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