Today more and more people look for all available ways to improve their health and protect bodies from numerous diseases.

It's not uncommon that people buy kilos of vitamins, herbal supplements and complementary products to do everything for their well-being and longevity.

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There is really much publicity about multivitamins’ and mineral supplements' benefits, but are they completely harmless for your health?

All dietary supplements contain active molecules, which fasten to the sensitive receptors in the body and impact on physiological processes, occurred in the organism.

Unfortunately we lack scientific evidence about adverse influence of multivitamins on the health. But does it mean that this influence doesn't exist?

The only big randomized clinical trial, tested effectiveness of the multivitamin supplements, was the Physician's Health Study II, which included male physicians. This control group took either vitamin supplements or empty pills (placebo).

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Credit: Freepik

Results found no significant protection from stroke, heart disease or memory problems after taking multivitamins.

At the same time those, who took them have less chances of getting cataract. In addition to this, men had 8% lower risks for cancer, when got vitamin supplements. And this defensive effect was the most significant in participants with history of malignancy.

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Credit: Freepik

The problem is that people sometimes take multivitamins instead of medicines, prescribed by their doctors. Sometimes individuals use a mix of various supplements and medications that may result in serious consequences.

For example, vitamin K may decrease effectiveness of Coumadin, which is a blood thinner designed to prevent excessive blood clotting.

Vitamins C and E, well known for their antioxidant properties, may impair action of some anti-cancer chemotherapy medicines.

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Credit: Freepik

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In reality, your body requires certain amounts of vitamins. Taking more may lead to side effects. Thus, excessive consumption of vitamin A may contribute to liver damage, bone brittleness, headaches and birth defects.

It's completely possible to get enough vitamins, following balanced healthy diet. Add more fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and “good” fats to your ration.

For women, who wants to conceive, as well as for those, who carry pregnancy, folic acid is usually prescribed to avoid neural defects in babies.

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If you're suspected to have health problems, don't try to treat it with supplements without contacting with medical professional.

You can also ask your doctor, whether multivitamins is a good option for you, considering your age and chronic issue.

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Credit: Freepik

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