Essential oils are widely used by modern cosmetic companies. Oils contain beneficial properties due to its high biological value. In order to get concentrated product, different parts of plants are used. Pure essential oil smell fresh and have a light color. If you will choose essential oils carefully, it may help you deal with signs of aging and other skin imperfections.

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Essential oils are much more effective than expensive anti-aging creams and masks. So if you want to have a radiant, young skin, you should treat your skin with essential oils. In this article, we would like to show you several, effective ways of applying essential oils to the face. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this article right now.

How to use essential oils for skincare

And when it comes to essential oils, different oils cater to different skin problem. And it is crucial to know what will work best for your unique skin type. Oils that are good for problem skin are not good for dry skin. When you choose a remedy, you should find out about its properties first.

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Credit: Freepik

The list of essential oils for facial skin

1. To help get even skin tone: rosemary oil and lemon oil.

2. To relieve irritation and soothe skin: mint oil, chamomile oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil.


3. To prevent aging: orange oil, bergamot oil and rose oil.

4. For dry skin: fir oil and geranium oil.

5. For oily skin: rosemary oil, ginger oil, ylang-ylang oil and thyme oil.

6. For problem skin: eucalyptus oil, pine oil, majorana oil and grapefruit oil.

7. To treat acne: sage oil.

8. To remove skin pigmentation: myrtle oil and cedar oil.

The same oil may have multiple properties. For example: Orange oil possess plenty of benefits - it gives the skin elasticity, improves skin tone and treat pimples.

If you decide to use essential oils for the first time, start with one drop of oil. In order to avoid allergic reactions, you need to observe your skin reaction to the first apply. Remember that you shouldn't apply oils in its pure state, you should mix them with your skin care products.

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Credit: Freepik

Recipes with essential oils

#1. Tea tree oil to nourish your skin.

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular oils among women of all ages. It promotes cell regeneration, possess anti-inflammatory effect and nourishes your skin. It can be used to more than three times a week. In order to get noticeable results, you should mix three drops of tea tree oil with your soothing face mask. Let it sit for fifteen minutes.

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Credit: Freepik

#2. Mint oil for all skin types.

Mint oil is great for all skin types. It can be used to prepare white clay mask.

You will need:

- two spoons of white clay

- one teaspoon of honey

- four drops of mint oil

- one spoon of warm water

How to prepare and use it:

Mix all the ingredients and apply them to your face for ten minutes. After you rinse it, apply a moisturizing cream.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#3. Anti-aging mask.

Do you want to look fresh and young? Apricot oil and lavender oil are great at reducing wrinkles. You may use them to make your skin look gorgeous.

You will need:

- one spoon of honey

- three drops of lavender oil

- ten drops of apricot oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply them to your face. Gently massage your face for five minutes and then use water to rinse it. You will see amazing results in one month.

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Credit: Freepik

#4. A mask for problem skin.

Lemon essential oil will benefit your skin by treating acne, nourishing damaged skin and hydrating the skin.

You will need:

- three drops of lemon oil

- one egg white

- half a teaspoon of lemon juice

How to prepare it: whip egg white and mix it with other ingredients. Apply this mask for your face twice a week and you will see great results in four months.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5. Strawberry mask for all skin types.

In order to nourish, lighten and improve your skin tone, you should prepare a mask with orange essential oil. Moreover, it can also help you fight the first signs of aging.

You will need:

- a handful of fresh strawberries

- four drops of orange oil

- one spoon of sour cream

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Blend strawberries with other ingredients and apply this mask to your face. Use it once a week for one month to see results. You may replace orange oil with avocado or lavender oil to make your skin look radiant.

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