A famous male relationship expert told about what particularly attracts men. All men need earthly women, real ones, whom men can touch, understand and please. Stereotype is that a woman perceives male sexuality in a complex way, and the man focuses only on the main points - the buttocks or the breast.

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People also say that all men like only 90-60-90 range. It is not true. In addition to the appearance, such nuances as bends, dimples, movements attract men in women. Her look, the manner of talking, biting lips and laughing can also be sexual.

It is these moments that catch the instinct and make a woman sexually in the eyes of a man. We have collected 17 of the most seductive and sexual manifestations of a real woman. Just read them and find out the main attractive things for all men:

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1. Good appetite. Women jump from diet to diet, in pursuit of the figure of 55 kg on the scales. Every woman has her own norm, her height, her weight. The indicator of health and good form is your state, not the figure on the scales. Poor appetite means poor health. By the way, there are several patterns between appetite and sexuality: people who know how to enjoy eating have a high libido.

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#2. Hands. Beautiful hands are valued not only by artists. Men like beautiful and well-groomed hands. Nail polish can be different, but the nails should not be very long. Men love naturalness. This is one of the indicators of your femininity.

#3. Voice. It is important what you say, but more importantly - how. Men primarily perceive the timbre of the voice, and only then the meaning of the words. Contrary to popular belief, men are excited not by low voices, but tender and soft. A man seems sexy that emphasizes the difference in gender.

#4. Hair. Extremes, especially in appearance, are a sign of problems with self-esteem. Men like soft hair, light, fragrant and pleasant to touch. It does not matter whether it is curly, or straight, blonde or brunette - naturalness is important.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5. Body. First of all, a man looks at the silhouette of a woman - elegance, curves and roundness of her figure. The man pays attention to the ratio of breast volume, waist and hips. Scientists from New Zealand found that the ideal ratio of the waist to the hips is 7 to 10 - that is, the waist should be 70% of the hips.

#6. Lips. They excite a man, because they provoke thoughts about a kiss. Despite the fact that in most cases, men like plump lips, they should also look natural. Silicone is noticeable almost always and rather disgusts than attracts. Now, about lipstick ... a red or plum lipstick is, of course, provocative and often beautiful. However, no man wants to eat lipstick from women’s lips.

#7. Legs. When a girl reaches sexual maturity, she not only has breasts and hips, but her legs also extend. "My legs are not so beautiful, I just know what to do with them" - it seems, these are the words said by some famous actress. She was absolutely right, and this applies to any part of the body.

#8. Shoulders. Men love open shoulders and protruding collarbones. The shoulders are a very feminine part of the body. For example, Angelina Jolie has wide shoulders and rather narrow hips, which does not prevent her from looking great and remaining desirable for most men. The same can be said about her colleague, Cameron Diaz. Milla Jovovich, Julia Roberts and Keira Knightley have muscular shoulders, which also does not prevent them from being sexy.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9. Neck. The neck is one of the most vulnerable places in the human body. Perhaps that is why it is so attractive - as a demonstration of your weakness and trust in a man. By the way, the naked neck attracts the special attention of men. Again at the level of instincts.

#10. Eyes. Words of men about the beauty of women's eyes are very rarely taken seriously. However, a woman can get all the attention of a man to herself, without saying a word. It is enough to meet his eyes (it is best to look over your shoulder, magazine or book), then flirtatiously or embarrassedly look away. After 30-40 seconds, repeat this.

#11. After the shower. You are incredibly sexy after a shower. You will ask - what can be sexual in a woman without makeup, without styling, covered in a huge fluffy robe? Men perceive this differently. The woman after the shower is the embodiment of purity, freshness and naturalness.

#12. Smell. The fragrance can induce a man's desire - and now we are not talking about aphrodisiacs, but about your natural smell. This is the best pathogen for men.

#13. Intimate texting. It is capable of knocking the whole man out for the whole day, making him think only of you. By opening the veil to your sexual desires, you instantly activate his fantasy and desire to meet you as soon as possible.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#14. Initiative. Men really like when a woman takes the initiative during flirting or dating. Moderate, of course. The initiative in sex makes a man understand that he is an excellent lover, and it is pleasantly tickles self-esteem.

#15. Underwear. Lace underwear is very sexual. Red is considered the most sensual, but men put black and white underwear almost on the same level with red. Gray, beige, green underwear, dull shades cause much less interest. Belt with garters and stockings, in some cases latex, etc., just drive all men crazy.

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#16. Long dress. Chanel, of course, hit the mark with a little black dress. However, a long dress with an open neckline will effect no less than a mini dress. This allows men give vent to fantasy (in fact, it turns on automatically), but at the same time admire your femininity with notes of modesty.

#17. Heels. If you think that shoes do not attract special attention, you make a mistake. It is not just that heels look feminine. Many women themselves notice that they are changing your posture wearing heels.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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