Regardless of the stage in which the relationship is in, there is no guarantee of betrayal. When you have the slightest suspicion, it's better to try to figure it out. We will find out how to understand when a guy is cheating, and what are the signs of such behavior.

To understand if a guy is cheating on you, you need to pay attention to what he says and how he acts. It all starts with the fact that the guy avoids meetings under various pretexts. The reasons are absolutely absurd; stomach aches or he did not get enough sleep. Here are a few signs of a guy's infidelity:

Earlier the guy tried to spend more time with you, and now only with friends;

He began to linger in the evenings, explaining the delays by problems at work;

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He used to stay at your house late, now the he needs to hurry somewhere;

Misses joint lunches and dinners;

The intonation in his voice changed, the guy started talking in a different, unknown manner;

#1.He does not part with the phone

Literally, he does not let it out of his hands: he looks blissfully at the screen before going to bed, in the morning he grabs the phone right away and goes to the other room for an hour. He calls from the balcony, and answers your questions with irritation, saying he can hear better outside t. When he’s messaging, he has an expression of absolute happiness on his face.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#2.He is friends with new "interesting people"

The older we are, the more difficult it is to make new acquaintances, and your darling - look! - Refutes statistics: suddenly, he has a lot of new friends. And all these fine people regularly invite him to visit and feed him late at night with cookies and bikes. You are not invited there for a number of reasons: it's a bachelor party, the hostess invites guests according to the number of appliances in the service or "you will be bored there, my dear, we are talking about our topics.

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Credit: Pixabay

#3. He constantly cleanses the feathers

He signed up for the gym, never misses jogging, gets manicures and is picky with perfumes. In general, it's okay if he's always been like that.

#4. He is madly jealous

Outbreaks of unreasonable jealousy - one of the most true signs of betrayal. He projects his behavior on you and shows that this is not acceptable.

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#5.He has new hobbies

These, of course, require financial investments and personal presence. That is, he will not start painting pictures on the balcony, he is more likely to become an avid bowler, but do you even know how much the membership fee for the tournament is now? We'll tell you: exactly as much as the room in the motel, rented for a couple of hours.

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Credit: Pixabay

#6. Sex is not the same as before

On the one hand, we can’t predict anything t: he may avoid sex, or may, on the contrary, insist on it. He can become rude in bed or, conversely, too gentle a lover. The main thing is that you immediately feel that sex is not the same as before. Very different.

#7. He creates reasons for quarrels.

He constantly finds trivial reasons to quarrel. After such scenes, he leaves home for a while! In this way, he gets more opportunities to meet with his mistress.

#8.He has constant mood swings, his mood, like a swing, is changing rapidly: he does not look like himself - he is extremely attentive and cheerful, or seems detached and serious when you are together.

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Credit: Pixabay

#9. He looks guilty.

He feels guilty when you are so caring and kind with him. Making you unhappy, he "tries on" the situation on himself, which leads to a rethinking of his betrayal.

#10. Unusual attention to you

Your man has become more attentive to your needs and started to ask you what gifts you want? Do not rush to rejoice, it is entirely possible that this is due to feelings of guilt caused by treason. Gifts are a way to compensate, at a subconscious level, for the harm that has been done to your relationship.

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Credit: Pixabay

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