We know that you are forced to challenge yourself every single day. Modern life is hectic, so you need to do multiple tasks during the day. So, we don’t want to make you feel even more stressed than you are.

Still we have something special for you. This 7 day morning challenge was designed especially for busy women who have a lot of things to do after they workout in the morning. This is a set of exercises that we suggest you complete for 7 days that will make you feel more energetic. Trust us, you won’t feel tired or exhausted after your workout session.

All you need to have is a yoga mat, interval timer and a little bit of motivation. There are 5 exercises that you need to perform every morning. Do a round of each exercise and give yourself a rest for 1 minute. Here are exercises you need to perform.

One significant benefit of this set of exercises is that they make all your body muscles workout. They are quite intense and your muscles might hurt a little bit. Especially after the very first session but this is ok. We promise that you will get used to this regime by the end of the challenge. Hopefully you will like it. We will be happy to hear about your results in a week. We dare you to take the challenge.

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#1. Push ups

#2. Superman

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#3. Cross toe touch

#4.Crutsy lunges

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

#5. Squats and jumps

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