Women are fighting a life long battle against excessive weight. It really seems to be endless. A fat layer comes back as fast as you get rid of it. Especially on you problem zones. Thighs are considered to be one of the most difficult zone to keep fit.

Advertisement offers us surgery and liposuction, as an easy way out. However, they don’t tell that the fat will come back again. There is only thing you can do to exclude body fat from your life. You need to workout regularly. Regularly. It should be emphasized. Try to make working out your habit. It takes 21 day to get used to doing something. Try to workout regularly during 21 day and you will get used to this activity.

We know that you a a busy lady and you don’t have much spare time. We assume that you cannot dedicate an hour or two for the training. That is why we designed a 10 minute workout that can slim down your thighs. Make 2 sets and 10 reps of each exercise and rest for 30 seconds between sets. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after you are done. We also suggest that you do this exercises 21 days. We dare you. Don’t forget to share your results after. Waiting to hear from you back.

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#1. Squats With Side Leg Raises

#2. Glute Kickback

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#3. Glute Bridge

#4. Swimming

#5. Plank Leg Raises

#6. Plank Leg Raises

#7. Frog Jumping

#8. In and Out Jack

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