This training routine consists of exercises that can transform your body in a month; such as push-ups, planks, squats, glute bridges and bird dogs. You should hold the plank for 30 seconds and perform 15 reps of each exercise. Repeat this set of exercises two or three times.

These exercises can strengthen your lower back and core, burn fat and define muscles. You are able to perform these exercises as a full-body workout or you can add them to your workout routine.

A healthy, strong and beautiful shape requires a lot of willpower and stamina but after finishing one month of exercising you will experience wonderful results that will motivate you to continue your training routine. Scroll down to see the instructions and start performing the workout. Are you ready to start your workout? It is time to work hard and achieve your goals!

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#1. Push-ups

#2. Planks

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#3. Squats

#4. Glute bridges

#5. Side Plank

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