This workout is aimed at getting any back fat, persistent bra bulges and underarm flabs under control. Don’t forget that even the most well-designed workout is pointless if you don’t combine it with the right diet. This workout can help you with reducing back fat, back pain, toning your back, getting rid of bra bulges, improving your posture.

A useful tip for improving the efficiency of this workout is adding in some weights. And no, you are not going to end up too bulky, because it is simply a technical impossibility to gain so much muscle using just some light weights and this workout. You can use 5-pound dumbbells or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, 10-pound dumbbells.

You will need to do each of the above-listed exercises for 45 seconds, then rest for 1 minute, and repeat the cycle one more time. It should not take more than 10 minutes for two complete cycles, or, if you are in a hurry, you can do only one cycle, and be done with it in 5 minutes. How’s that for efficiency?

The list of exercises you will be doing during this workout:

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#1. Arm circles/Lateral raises

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#2. Bent-over rows

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#3. Bent-over pulses

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#4. Superman

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#5. Back bow pulls

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3 tips to maximize the effect of this workout

1. For the arm circles

Make a real effort to pull those back muscles. Don’t worry if, at first, you only feel the strain in your arms. Just keep going and, eventually, you will be able to properly engage your back muscles.

2. For the bent-over rows

Again, to make the most of this exercise, focus on working those back muscles. Try to avoid working your biceps more than the back muscles. If you feel the need, add in some weights to help you work the proper muscles.

3. Don’t give up!

This is very important. Generally, physical exercises are demanding not only on the body but also on the mind. Your body will try to make you stop, to give up, to forget about it. You need to push through that moment and just go on. Eventually, you will notice that you are no longer compelled to stop, but to try and find out how long you can go on. At that moment, you will realize that your mind is starting to get in shape too, together with your body.

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