If the balance between the intake of calories and their spending is disturbed, fatty deposits appear in different parts of the body. Some people have to look for ways to lose weight in the stomach area, others are concerned about extra weight on the thighs or sides.

The fight against excessive weight for the slenderness of the figure must be complex. This includes control of nutrition, the use of appropriate products, training on simulators, so that the muscles in the abdominal press have the necessary load and tone. Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen, which are performed regularly at home, help to remove muscle flabbiness and make the waist more slender.

Making a choice of the kind of sports load should be based on the results to be achieved. If the fat deposits are observed not only in the abdominal area, but also on the thighs, buttocks, and the excess weight is not very large, it will be useful to health jogging, gymnastics, aerobics and other types of physical activity.

Since you want lose weight in the abdomen with the help of home training, you need to alternate exercises and rest correctly. The best time for exercise is from 11 to 14 hours and from 18 to 20 hours. An important condition for a successful exercise is that it should begin no earlier than two hours after the last meal, and no later than two hours before bedtime.

Check out the best exercises that we have prepared for you and start losing weight today!

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#1.Crunches Knees Up

#2. V Plank

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#3. Swimming Exercse

#4. Plank Leg Raises

#5. Knee to Elbow Crunches

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