Building toned, beautiful arms comes as a result of the combination of a healthy diet and effective upper body workouts. If you want to look amazing in all your summer dresses, you should perform this ten-minute upper body workout three times a day! This training routine has many benefits, as it tones your arms and shoulders, strengthens your chest muscles and makes your body stronger. Another advantage of this arm workout is that it creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

We know many people don't like to perform push-ups, so we’ve eliminated them from this workout. Instead of push-ups, you will perform other effective arm strengthening exercises.

This ten-minute upper body workout consists of amazing arm toning exercises such as up and down planks, lat pull downs, single arm pushes, bent over tricep extensions and raises and punches. You should perform forty-five seconds of each exercise, then take a break for one minute and repeat this circuit of exercises twice. If you want to push hard, you can perform four sets of this training routine. It's up to you and your strength.

Before you start this workout routine, you should remember one important thing! It’s important to start your workout with a short five-minute warm-up and finish it with a five-minute cool down. This will help you protect your body from injuries and increase your flexibility. You should be patient and consistent, as good results take time and effort. Are you ready to start? Scroll down to see the instructions. It’s time to build strong lean arms!

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#1. Up and down planks

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#2. Lat pull downs

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#3. Single arm pushes

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#4. Bent over tricep extensions

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#5. Raises and punches

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