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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#9 Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Rating: 5,7/10

Elizabeth has already spent several years in marriage, but suddenly she realized that she doesn’t want to lead such life any more. She imagined it entirely different and that’s why she decided to change everything drastically. The woman filed for divorce and set her mind to travel across the globe, hoping to find herself. At first the heroine decided to enjoy a sunny Italy. Then she put up in India to explore religion and meditation. But the real discoveries are waiting for her in Bali…

#8 About last night (2014)

Rating: 6,1/10

Joan enjoys loud parties and alcohol. Bernie is also fond of such a lifestyle, since it’s the reason they’ve met and became a hot couple. Having spent a nice evening together they decided to make a new date with some friends.

That’s how Danny and Debbie have met. Both of them prefer to stay in and avoid relationships. But that very evening these two introverts hooked up and started fancying each other. And will the two couples manage to turn their casual sex into something more serious?

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#7 Where the Heart Is (2000)

Rating: 6,8/10

The life of the young Novalee Nation is not fancy at all. She doesn’t have any home, family or relatives, and the damned number 5 brings her only misfortunes. On top of that she is pregnant with an unexpected child and her boyfriend has just left her right at the counter of a huge supermarket in a godforsaken town called Sequoyah. However, Novalee has no intention to lose her heart. She finds a creative solution that marks the beginning of surprising changes in her life…

#6 Bridesmaids (2011)

Rating 6,8/10

Anny has no luck in relationships: in her 30s she has neither a family nor a permanent boyfriend. The girl has problems at work and constant failures in love. The only bright event in her life is the upcoming wedding of her close friend.

The girl is invited as a bridesmaid. Her main task is to arrange an unforgettable hen party, which she decided to do in LA. Six adventurous friends set off to the world’s center of entertainment to spend the most loud and crazy weekend in their lives there…

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#5 Sage Femme (2017)

Rating 6,8/10

A middle-aged midwife named Claire, who had entirely dedicated herself to work, received a phone call from her dead father’s mistress Beatrice. The woman who hasn’t shown up for many years turns the Clair’s life around and begins to play an important part in it, despite their differences…

#4 Gia (1998)

Rating: 7/10

Angelina Jolie stars as Gia Carangi, a famous model of 1970s, who had become the first dark-haired girl on the covers of beauty magazines. The plot is based on various memories of the girl’s friends and relatives. By the age of 26 the incredibly bright and unconventional girl turned into a drug addict. When she was very young she became a fantastically popular star with a huge income. She left the work at her father’s diner and set off to New York, where she made all her dreams come true.

But despite the beauty and popularity, she wouldn’t find a close friend, who could support her during difficult times. Over several years she lost her reputation, started working as a waitress and then even as a prostitute…

#3 The Dressmaker 2015

Rating: 7,1/10

After 25 years of exile a woman comes back to an Australian outback town of Dungatar. Once she was a terrified little girl, who was accused in murder, but now she is a fancy-dressed and self-confident woman. Myrtle Dunnage prefers to be called Tilly. With the help of a sewing machine ‘Zinger’ she manages to make wonderous clothes, since the talented dressmaker has experience in working with a famous Paris fashion designer. What’s the reason of her coming back? Perhaps she was led by the call of duty: Tilly had to take care of her crazy old mother, who wouldn’t even recognize her own daughter.

But what she wants to find out most of all is the truth about that very night, when the schoolboy was killed. Is she the real killer or just a victim of hatred and hypocrisy? And if she’s the latter one, isn’t it high time the real murderer was punished?

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#2 The Age of Adaline (2015)

Rating: 7,2/10

When the patrol man withdrew the Adaline’s driving license because of the mismatch of the stated age, she realized it was time she ran away. She packed her bag and set off on a long journey.

In this incredibly beautiful melodrama the heroine would have to change the place of living every 10 years not because she was a fraud, but because she had a peculiarity: she stopped getting old after an incident at the beginning of the 20th century in some lab, where she didn’t want to stay as some subject for experiments. Adaline learned how to live without arousing any suspicion and forbade herself any trustworthy relations with people…

#1 Amelie

Rating: 8/10

Amelie lives in an imaginary world. After her father wrongly diagnosed her with a heart defect, she didn’t go to school and couldn’t communicate with peers. Besides, some incident took her mother’s life. The girl grew up but still she is afraid of the whole world and real relationships. A shy guy Nino would be beaten and bullied by classmates since childhood. He becomes an introvert and also lives in an imaginary world, hoping to find a soulmate. Perhaps these two are born to meet each other.

The girl and the boy spend lots of time together, but they never touch each other. After a series of incidents, that started with the death of princess Diana, Amelie faces the difficulties of the real life…

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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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